NOTE: A Word About Automated Computer Translations

We would like to give you some warning regarding online translators since it is now possible for entire pages of online material to be "translated" with the click of a button.

Just as in anything, there is good and bad, so we'll start with the good.

Most of the time you will be able to grasp a general idea of what is happening in translated pages from some language into English. General conversational sentences can actually be translated quite well in many instances (our little image above of course is a dramatic attention getter only, since all translators should have no trouble at all with the Thai word for "hello"). The problems begin when you introduce more complex syntax or ideas. Also, think about when you compose an email or online post in English and hit the button to translate into Thai. Not knowing the language at all, you could be sending something without meaning or worse, offensive. Native speakers of a language who know the sender of an email had to use an automated translator for a speedy interaction will probably not take offense at improperly worded sentences, but if some of the most important pieces of the conversation are mistranslated, the entire conversation could be rendered useless.

Just enter this sentence into an English to Thai translator:

“I was really slammed with work yesterday.” 

Which "I" in Thai should you use (hint: Thai has many, many more pronoun possibilities than Englsih)? Was "slammed" translated properly? Are you ready to take more control over your Thai language understanding?

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