Does Thai Trends have an online dictionary?
Thai Trends and do not use automated dictionaries. As described in our "Online Translators" section, we point out the issues regarding automated computer translation. Dictionaries are less problematic, however you can still run into many examples where a dictionary, automated or not, will not give the definition for which you are looking as a beginning learner. We provide more detail on dictionaries and what works and what doesn't for new learners on our language learning site,
Can I chat or connect with other site members?
Thai Trends and are not social sites. We focus on providing the best methods and materials to help you learn the Thai language and speak properly. We have found that many times the interactions of beginning learners making attempts to correct each other at this early stage too often results in even greater confusion and frustration for the learners involved. 
What is included in the membership?
All of our membership details can be found on
Do you offer CDs, DVD's or books?
Thai Trends Thai language instruction and articles are only offered online. We are able to keep the membership costs low without the added expense of printing and shipping material. Our site can be easily updated, improved and expanded which is not easily and rapidly possible with books, CD's or DVDs. Additionally, you can study your material or read new articles from anywhere in the world as long as you have access to a computer, tablet or smartphone; no software installation or searching for disks. We understand many of you really like to have a physical book in your hands, but this does limit interactive applications and you can always print the items you want from the site.
Do you charge for Thai lessons?
You can try ENGLISHandTHAI FREE for 14 days. Paid memberships are available and are priced well below most other online language instruction. is completely AD-FREE. Membership information can be found on ENGLISHandTHAI.comWe have developed an effective and comprehensive technique for English speakers to not only learn Thai, but to speak clearly.
Why am I sent to another website for Thai Lessons?
Thai Trends has setup a Thai language learning site as a standalone website with a web address that is matched to the site offerings - This is a 100% Thai Trends owned and operated site which abides by the strict Thai Trends standards of visitor security and privacy. You will not be spammed or barraged with advertisements by Thai Trends or any Thai Trends site and we do not give or sell your information to anyone.
Can Thai Trends translate my letter from Thai to English?
Thai Trends does not offer translation services at this time. Due to increased requests this may change. If Thai Trends offers translation services at some time in the future, it will be announced on this site and